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Greetings Applicant,

                   I hope this letter finds you well. You have officially arrived at the 2019 Student Homecoming Steering Committee Application. I am Natalie Antenor, a third-year Accounting Student from Miami Gardens, Florida, and I serve as your Student Body Vice President for the 2019-2020 academic year. One of my primary duties includes serving in the capacity as Chairwoman of the Student Homecoming Steering Committee. I want to formally thank you for your interest in serving your constituents through the 2019 Student Homecoming Steering Committee.

                   Dubbed “The Experience,” the annual Florida A&M University Homecoming Season is a celebration of the institution’s rich history and the community that has served as the backbone of its achievement and promising future. Traditionally held during the fall semester of every academic year, “The Experience” is a time for special celebrations filled
with memories and traditions—linking the past with the present. Staple festivities that tend to attract the masses include the annual Homecoming Release Event, Hip-Hop and Gospel Concerts, Comedy Show, and Parade unite the University and the Rattler community, forming a sense of camaraderie that keeps the Rattler spirit alive throughout generations. Each year, faithful alumni, faculty, students, family, friends, and the surrounding community journey to the Highest of Seven Hills to partake in the celebratory events. Coupled with a legacy of excellence with caring and access and opportunity, the Florida A&M University Homecoming celebration in its 132nd year of existence will be undoubtedly one of the largest and most enjoyable collegiate homecoming celebrations in the nation.

                  Formally established by the 47th Student Senate, the Student Homecoming Steering Committee (SHSC) is an ad-hoc committee of the Executive Branch of Florida A&M University’s Student Government Association whose primary responsibility is to sanction student participation in the University’s administrative processes of executing the annual Homecoming Season. This committee gives a sense of purpose, duty, and leadership to select members of the Student Body in putting together a series of large-scale, extraordinary events to venerate the University for another outstanding year. Acting as a representative of the Student Body to the University, the main purpose of the Student Homecoming Steering Committee is to increase the Student Body’s contribution to the University’s Homecoming Season by expressing the desires of the students at large, by making decisions on behalf of the Student Body, and by periodically attending university-wide Homecoming Committee Meetings. In an attempt to bridge the gap between students and alumni, the vision of the Student Homecoming Steering Committee is to increase student participation during the Season through the administrative, financial, and logistical contributions of Student Government to enhance the overall Homecoming Experience.

                 Again, thank you for your interest in the 2019 Florida A&M University Student Homecoming Steering Committee. I look forward to reviewing your proposals and working with you in the near future. Please download our application and thoroughly review its components; should any questions arise, do not hesitate to email all questions to the provided contact. Now is the time to join the movement and give the Rattler community “The Experience” of a lifetime.


Yours in service,


Natalie J. Antenor
2019 Student Homecoming Steering Committee Chairwoman



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