Fall 2018

48th Student Senate Agendas

Fall First Session Agenda 08.27.2018

Fall Second Session Agenda 09.06.2018

Fall Third Session Agenda 09.10.2018

Fall Fourth Session Agenda 09.17.2018

Fall Fifth Session Agenda  09.24.2018

Fall Sixth Session Agenda 10.15.2018

Fall Seventh Session Agenda 10.22.2018

Fall Eighth Session Agenda 10.29.2018

Fall Ninth Session Agenda  11.7.2018

Fall Tenth Session Agenda 11.19.2018



48th Student Senate Meeting Minutes

Fall First Session Meeting Minutes 08.27.2018

Fall Second Session Meeting Minutes  09.06.2018

Fall Third Session Meeting Minutes  09.10.2018

Fall Fourth Session Meeting Minutes 09.17.2018

Fall Fifth Session Meeting Minutes 09.24.2018

Fall Sixth Session Meeting Minutes 10.15.2018

Fall Seventh Session Meeting Minutes 10.22.2018

Fall Eighth Session Meeting Minutes 

Fall Ninth Session Meeting Minutes 11. 07.2018


48th Student Senate Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 



Judicial & Rule Committe Meeting Minutes

1st Session Agenda 9.6.2018

2nd Session Agenda 9.11.2018

2nd Session Minutes 9.11.2018

3rd Session Agenda 9. 18. 2018 

3rd Session Minutes  9.18.2018

4th Session Agenda  9.25.2018

5th Session Agenda 10.19.2018

5th Session Minutes 10.19.2018

6th Session Agenda 10.25.2018

6th Session Minutes 10.25.2018

7th Session Agenda 11.9.2018


Elections and Appointments Committee Meeting Minutes

1st Session Agenda 8.30.2018

2nd Session Agenda 9.5.2018

3rd Session Agenda   9.10.2018

3rd Session Minutes   9.10.2018

4th Session Agenda  9.13.2018 

4th Session Minutes 9.13.2018

5th Session Agenda 9.20.2018

5th Session Minutes 9.20.2018

6th Session Agenda 9.27.2018

7th Session Minutes 10.19.2018

7th Session Agenda 10.19.2018

8th Session Agenda 10.25.2018

8th Session Minutes 10.25.2018

9th Session Agenda 10.26.2018

9th Session Minutes 10.26.2018 

Organization and Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

1st Session Agenda  9.10.2018

1st Session Minutes  9.10.2018

2nd Session Agenda 10.18.2018

2nd Session Minutes 10.18.2018

3rd Session Agenda 10.25.2018

3rd Session Minutes 10.25.2018



Student Relations Committee Meeting Minutes

1st Session Agenda 8.28.2018 

1st Session Minutes 8.28.2018

2nd Session Agenda 9.19.2018

2nd Session Minutes 9.19.2018

3rd Session Agenda 10.17.2018

3rd Session Minutes 10.17.2018

4th Sesssion Agenda 10. 23. 2018

4th Session Minutes 10.23.2018



Internal Development Select Committee Meeting Minutes

1st Session Agenda 10.23.2018




48th Student Senate Passed Legislation


FA18SB-001 (Ratification Packet Revisions)(Ratification Packet Revisions)


Special Allocations



FA18SR-001(Honoring the Life of Jovonte' Davis)

FA18SR-002(Honoring the Life of Jordan Thorne)


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