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Thank you for considering a leadership role within the Executive Branch of Florida A&M University’s Student Government Association (SGA). As the Moricette-Antenor Administration prepares for the 2019-2020 academic year, we cannot help but reflect on our experiences within the SGA at Florida A&M University.

Throughout our respective tenures, we have focused on endeavors that are student-centered to ensure an incomparable student experience. We believe that as student leaders, we are to take actions that align with the needs of our constituents. This administration will do just that by excelling in four major categories: Activism, Accountability, Academia, and Accessibility. We will work to provide dynamic services for our students and promote university resources that are critical to our collegiate success. Additionally, students will be given an opportunity to serve in various roles and proudly represent their respective schools and colleges throughout the academic term. 

In order to achieve these objectives, we must build an Executive Branch Cabinet who can galvanize the student body while upholding student processes. We said that, “Divided we fall, but united we stand Stronger Together!” That will always stand true, as a collective cabinet, our voices will be heard. We must stand strong on social issues that impact our campus life, we must stand strong on socioeconomic issues that impact our campus culture, and we must stand strong on academic issues that impact our matriculation. 

The Moricette-Antenor Administration is in search of selfless, hard-working Rattlers who are willing to represent this student body. With 13 departments, the Executive Branch has a department that effects every aspect of campus life. Please download our application and thoroughly review its components; should any questions arise, do not hesitate to email all questions to the provided contact. All completed applications that are submitted by the deadline (March 29, 2019 by 5:00pm) will receive an interview. Now is the time to join the movement and stand for a FAMU that’s Stronger Together. 


Rattler Regards, 

Rochard Moricette | Student Body President-elect

Natalie Antenor | Student Body Vice President-elect


Click Here to Download the Application 

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