Thank you for considering a leadership role within the Legislative Branch of Florida A&M University‚Äôs Student Government Association (SGA). As the Miller-Watt Administration prepares for the 2019-2020 academic year, we must ensure that the SGA is fully composed to operate efficiently and effectively throughout the academic year. The applications will be live from October 22, 2019 through Novemeber 5, 2019. All applications and required documents need to be submitted via website by 5:00pm on Novemeber 5 ,2019. 

The Miller-Watt Administration is in search of selfless, hard-working Rattlers who are willing to represent this student body. The Legislative Branch provides a key function for the SGA and has a great impact on the student processes. Please fill out our application and thoroughly review its components; should any questions arise, do not hesitate to email all questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All completed applications that are submitted by the deadline will receive an interview. Now is the time to join the movement and stand for a FAMU. 

Please review the following: 


Per Article III of the Student Body Constitution Section 1:

The Legislative Branch shall be composed of:

A. Eight (8) representatives from each of the four (4) academic classes (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior). Freshman and Junior Senators serve two years that is considered to be a one term.

B. Three-fourths (3/4) of the entire Senate membership must be present to hold an election. A Senate President and Senate Pro-Tempore whom shall be elected from the Senate Body by a majority vote of the entire Senate membership at the time for election as stated in the Senate Rules of Procedure.

C. Graduate Senators to whom serve one year within the Senate which is considered to be a term.

D. Student Senate officers and staff whom are elected or appointed as stated in the Senate Rules of Procedure. Legislative Authority. 

Section 2 Legislative Authority

The Legislative Branch of the Student Government Association shall be the Student Senate. All legislative powers of SGA shall be vested in the Student Senate. Senate Powers and Duties The Student Senate shall be empowered to:

1. Enact, by majority vote, constitutional bylaws, to be known as the System of Student Body Statutes, with the exception of bylaws concerning the elections codes, qualifications for office, finance codes, sunshine act, and ethics codes which shall require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Student Senate.

2. Propose and take all necessary actions on constitutional Amendments.

3. Provide for the compilation, publication and remote access of legislation.

4. Create such committees or agencies, as it deems necessary for proper conduct of its business. The Senate shall appropriate the necessary funds to regularly publish information remotely and as advertisements in the Official Activity and Service (A&S) Fee funded newspaper or any other appropriate official University-sanctioned outlets.

5. Confirm all cabinet and judicial appointments made by the Student Body President and favorable appointments recommended by the Elections and Appointments Committee with a two-thirds (2/3) vote.

6. Initiate impeachment proceedings of Student Government Association officers.

7. Impeach elected and appointed SGA officials.

8. Make all laws that shall be necessary and proper for carrying out the function and powers of the Student Government Association as stated in this Constitution.

9. Request at any regular meeting, by majority vote, and explanation of any action taken by any student Senate member, an officer of an Activity and Service Fee funded Agency, or a member of the Student Government Association taken in his/her official capacity.

10. Approve and allocate the Activity and Service Fee Fiscal Budget of SGA as provided by Florida Statute (F.S. 1009.24), and the Student Body Statues.

11. Establish its meeting times and rules of proceedings, in accordance with this Constitution and the Senate Rules of Procedure.

12. Establish means through which the Student Body can actively participate in the formulation of policies affecting the students of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

13. Override a veto by the SGA President by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Student Senate.

14. Override a line-item veto by the SGA president of the A&S budget with a two -thirds (2/3) vote of the Student Senate. These line items shall be addressed individually.

15. Investigate the use of Activity and Service Fees by any department or agency of the University.

16. Pass resolution with a majority vote, as it deems necessary and proper express the will or opinion of the Student body.


Recognized Standing Committees

By the first meeting of the Senate in the fall semester, the Senate President shall recognize the following standing committees:

 The Judicial and Rules Committee (J&R):

A. Purposes :

1. To debate, amend, revise, ratify, pass and/or reject measures pertaining to the Constitution, Statutes, and the Rules of Procedure and work in conjunction with the Constitutional Convention of the SGA.

2. To serve as the official investigative body of the Senate as it relates to alleged documented improprieties of Student Government officials, students, and all others protected by the governing documents of the Student Senate (pursuant to Chapter Law 2002- 188) and to recommend measures to the Senate to rectify any improprieties.

3. To investigate improprieties within the Student Senate, as it relates to individual Senators fulfilling their official responsibilities and duties; and make recommendations to the Student Senate for the removal of Senators from their respective position(s).

4. To ensure that all business relating to the Student Government Association and the Student Body, do not violate federal, state, and local laws, city ordinates or university policies.

5. To broaden the awareness of the Student Body to the rules and rights that affect their matriculation.

6. To consider nominees who have passed through the Elections and Appointments Committee for judgeship on both the Student Supreme Court and Traffic Court and present a recommendation to the Student Senate.

The Organization and Finance Committee (OFC):

A. Purposes:

1. To debate, amend, revise, pass, and/or reject measures pertaining to the Finance Codes section of the System of Student Body Statutes in conjunction with the Student Government Association Comptroller.

2. To handle budget revisions in conjunction with the Student Government Association Comptroller.

3. To approve all Appropriation Bills before being presented on the Senate floor.

4. To present a weekly account balance of the Senate Unallocated Account to the Senate upon request of any Senator.

5. To provide proper knowledge of funded agencies accounts.

6. To host a mandatory A&S Fee Workshop during the Fall and Spring Semester for registered organizations on campus.

The Student Relations Committee (SRC):

A. Purposes:

1. To debate, amend and/or revise all resolutions.

2. To adhere to the needs and concerns of the students of Florida A&M University.

3. To plan, organize, and execute projects and activities in order to increase pride and awareness amongst the student body.

4. To screen and present Lobbying and Speakers Forum at regular Senate meetings.

5. To work in conjunction with the SGA Presidential cabinet on various projects and initiatives, that will benefit the student body as a whole.

 The Elections and Appointments Committee (E&A): 

A. Purpose:

 1. To debate, amend, revise, pass and/or reject measures pertaining to the Election Codes section of the Student Body Statutes in conjunction with the Electoral Commissioner. 

2. To recommend favorable Presidential and Senate appointments to the Student Senate. 

3. To advertise all vacated Senate positions occurring during the period of regular sessions within ten (10) business days of the vacancy. The committee will then have five (5) business days after the completion of the advertisement period to recommend a candidate for the vacated Senate position. 

4. To interview all applicants for Presidential appointments and vacated Senate seats.

5.  To serve as ex-officio, non-voting, members of the Electoral Commission. 

6. To broaden the awareness of the student body as to voting and election information university-wide and nationally. 

All Elections and Appointments Committee members are required to remain on committee throughout the duration of all election seasons. If a member is a Candidate/Ticket, he/she must submit a letter of temporary resignation from the committee to the Senate President and the Committee Chairperson two weeks prior to the declaration of candidacy of that particular ticket. 

*Please make sure you see a blue line go across your screen after submitting your application. If the blue line does not appear that means we did not recieve your application and you will need to resubmit one before the deadline.*

 Rattler Regards, 

Christopher Miller | 49th Student Senate President 

Corrie Watt | Student Senate Pro-Tempore 

Carrington Whigham | Elections and Appointments Chairwoman 

Please Upload a Resume and Unofficial Transcript (please use file format: .doc, .docx, .pdf).

Please follow the directions listed below:

Both essays below must be thoroughly completed. All applicants must answer both questions in 100 words or less.


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