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A Message From Your SGA President and Vice-President

It is our distinct honor to welcome the Class of 2022 to the Highest of Seven Hills and to the best four years of your lives. When people picture college, they see parties, football games, and exams, but we want you to see college as an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, take life-changing strides, and make FAMUly that will last a lifetime.    

Our population of students is rich with people from all walks of life, and Student Government is here to help connect and support each of you on your unique journey through higher education.  Our current administration is cultivating a plan to improve the quality of student life by giving you pathways to academic support, financial assistance, political involvement, professional development, and social connectedness. We work tirelessly to meet your needs and hope that we can positively impact the experience of every student. We’re here to help you cultivate your distinctive talents so that you can grow yourselves and the world around you.  So take these years to explore, find your passions, and get involved, and trust that FAMU will be there for you every step of the way.  

We are so excited for the fun, fellowship, and distinguished education that this University will bring you, and we hope that you choose to step into all that FAMU has to offer.  Again, welcome to the College of Love and Charity, FAMU22! We can’t wait to see you on The Hill! 


In Rattler Spirit,


David Jackson II

SGA President

Robyn Seniors

SGA Vice President







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Juneteenth Press Release 

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