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A Message From Your Chief Justice


Greetings Rattlers and Visitors,  Welcome to the Judicial Branch portion of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Student Government Association (FAMU SGA) website! 

Since its inception via Article V of our Student Body Constitution this branch has strived to remain unbiased, just, and professional at all times. Checking our fellow branches when needed we act as the interpreters of our university’s governing documents. The presence of the Judicial Branch along with the power it yields places our institution in a separate realm of student governance when compared to other schools. Our SGA strives to operate as closely to our actual government as possible which creates a learning laboratory all students should take advantage of in their time here.

Though not as visible as the financial powerhouse that is the Legislative Branch or as sociable as the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch at FAMU offers a much needed balance to our government.Within our branch we have two courts: the Student Supreme Court and the Traffic Court. Each court is comprised of specially vetted Justices who are all extensively knowledgeable about our governing documents. In fact, all Justices must be of sophomore status and are hand picked by the President of SGA and serve for the entirety of their time at FAMU.Although decisions are solely made by our Justices our branch includes other key members like our Solicitor General, Clerk of Courts, and Bailiff; and without these aforementioned members our branch would simply not be able to function.  

When our courts are not in session you will be able to find our branch holding different educational sessions and events throughout the academic year. But if you would like to converse with us on a more personable level, feel free to stop by our Judicial Branch Office located inside of the H. Manning Efferson Student Union.  As a branch all that we ask is that you become familiar with our University’s Rules and Regulations and that you choose to use us should you need us.  

With the Utmost Love and Charity, 

Chief Justice Audri L. Salter












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