A Message from Your Senate President & Senate President Pro-Tempore

 Welcome to 2019-2020 academic year Rattlers!

As we soar to new heights within the University, I personally would like to welcome you to the 49th Student Senate Session. Under the Miller-Watt administration we are guaranteeing that right here and right now is the perfect time and place to get involved on campus!            

Thriving on the model of “Excellence with Caring” it is safe to say there is no other institution quite like Florida A&M University. For over 60 years the student government association has successfully served as a transparent bridge between administration and the student body.             

 The Student Senate has been a key player in the funding of several student entities on campus. The previous Student Senate allocated $2.8 Million to the University which helped aided the Campus Recreation Center, FAMU Aquatics and over 100 clubs and organizations receive fiscal assets to aid in the top functionality of the student organizations on campus.             

Altogether, as a unit the 49th Student Senate will serve as a prime body of legislators that will be at the forefront of every need of the student body and learning laboratory to our students. We look forward to seeing you all every Monday at 6:00PM. “You’re going to like the way we lead. We guarantee it.”

Christopher Miller 49th Student Senate President   














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