Special Allocation Request

*After Submitting your request please DO NOT Schedule an Appoinment. We will contact you to set up a time for your Special Allocation Interview*

  • All recognized student organizations and departments of Florida A&M University of whom have been active for one calendar year are eligible to apply for the allocation of A&S Fees, which are drawn from the students' tuition dollars. All applications are due at least eight weeks prior to the requested disbursement.
  • Please pay attention to each question and answer questions thoroughly.

Leaders of the entity - fill out completely; if none, indicate by N/A
**Your President and/or Advisor must be present for the Special Allocation Interview**






Person Submitting

Organization Profile

Date & Time of Regular Meeting:

Financial Background

Collected Money Totals for Current Academic Year

List all previous SGA monetary allocations within the last 2 years

List and describe ANY and ALL fundraising events carried out by your entity for this fiscal year. Please provide the amount of funds raised. This should account for actual dollars raised and not projected goals.

List and briefly describe ALL activities sponsored by your entity for this academic year.

Line-Item Budget Request

What Items are you requesting from the Student Senate?

Please attach a copy of all expenses paid for the current fiscal year. This should include every transaction made with the use of activities and service fees and any additional funding that your organization may have received.

Please attach any necessary documents required for verification ie invoices, budget documents, agendas and itineraries.

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