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2021-2020 Annual Budget Online Request Guidelines

Below are the new dates for the Annual Budget Process:

November 23rd: Deadline for ASBC Appointments Annual A&S Fee Annual Budget Applications are released

January 17th: Deadline for Annual Budget Applications. No Exceptions 

January 25th - March 1st:  Annual Budget Interviews 

March 8th: OFC Chair Presents the 2021-2022 A&S Annual Fee Budget to the 50th Student Senate 


Note: If all original receipts are not submitted to the SGA Director within two business days, the receipt holder for the organization will be placed on “Financial Hold” and will be held accountable for the entire amount of funds allocated until final closeout of all transaction. STATEMENT OF AGREEMENT



All entities receiving A&S funding must be compliant with the Florida A&M University Student Government’s Student Body Constitution and the Student Body System of Student Body Statutes Chapter 700 (Finance Codes). The Finance Code will be upheld in spite of any pending dilemma. Any violation of the Finance Code may be a prosecutable offense, and will result in the definite probation of the offending organization from receiving any additional A&S allocations approved through the Student Senate Organization and Finance Committee (OFC).  A copy of the Student Government Finance Code can be found at

All final receipts must be turned in to the Director of Student Government, located on 2nd Floor of the Student Union Building and the telephone number is  (850) 599-3624.  All receipts are to be received no later than two business days after the completion of the A&S funded event and/or travel. Failure to present all original receipts will result in the definite probation of the offending organization from receiving any future funding of A&S Fees from the Student Senate.

Clicking on the link below and submitting this form/application via online signifies your agreement of the aforesaid and verifies that your organization had read and understood all of the rules and regulations contained within the Finance Code.



Click here to complete your 2021-2022 Annual Budget Request.


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